STEPtember for The Cerebral Palsy Association of BC

Hello Everyone,

It’s September already! This post is a bit different than my other posts. You see, Access Community Therapists is participating in “STEPtember” this month, which is a fundraising campaign for The Cerebral Palsy Association of BC. My colleagues and I will be attempting to take 10,000 steps per day this month in support of this amazing cause. Today was the first day and I only managed to take 4100 steps so I am already behind. This is a cause that is so important to us at Access as we work with so many people with CP and other developmental disabilities. If you could spare a few moments and a few dollars towards this cause, I would be forever grateful. Here is the link to the Steptember website. Feel free to search my name “Cheryl Hon” and donate!

20160901_225152 (1).jpg


Thanks everyone for checking in. Seating is Super!