Hello Everyone! Here is a video on common postural terms used in wheelchair seating assessment. Although some of you may use variations of these terms, hopefully this video still helps as a quick reference! Please feel free to send me any feedback on these videos or even requests for other video topics. I would be happy to try put something together if it can be helpful to anyone out there. Thanks again to my talented friends, Desy Cheng, Kyle Hay and Jeremy Jude Lee at Vanmedia.

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.:   WHEELING  :.

I’ve been meaning to post this up for a while now. Sorry for the delay! 2 weeks ago, we received a short presentation By Krista Best and Kate Keetch (Associates of Bill Miller from UBC) on wheelchair skills and the importance of teaching our clients how to improve their wheeling skills. Although most of the clients we see are long time wheelchair users, I definitely saw the benefit in wheelchair skills training. The benefits to our clients included things like, improved community access, shoulder preservation and improved posture and positioning when wheeling. During the presentation, we were offered a chance to try doing a wheelie. To keep us, or I should probably say “me” safe, 2 bricks were used to prevent the wheelchair from moving or rolling away, and an orange safety strap was secured to the crossbar for added security. This is what it looked like!

For more information on wheelchair skills, visit This is a great website with assessment/training forms and research on wheelchair skills.

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Hello Everyone! Here is a short video on wheelchair seating surface anatomy. This video provides an overview of relevant anatomical landmarks required for seating assessment. Although there are several other landmarks that are relevant during your assessment, this is a quick cheat sheet for your reference! Enjoy!

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Video by Vanmedia

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