Hello Everyone!

My name is Cheryl and I’m an Occupational Therapist. I work for Access Community Therapists Ltd. in community based specialized seating  in cities all over the Province of British Columbia. I graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2009 but developed my passion for OT and seating long before that.  When I was about 10 years old, my mom brought me to a Rehabilitation Facility to visit my great aunt who had a knee replacement. She showed me around to the OT Kitchen and simulated gas station and told me what an OT did. As a young child, I thought that was amazing! Teaching people how to cook and “play” in a “make believe” gas station seemed like a fabulous job and career! Later in high school, I began volunteering with adults and children with physical disabilities and wheelchairs. That’s when I discovered my calling. In OT school, I would do anything to get my hands on some foam and tools. I even discovered the art of foam carving. Not only did I love to carve out the foam on a cushion or backrest, but I also loved to carve out foam animals for clients to take home with them after a visit! To this day, I constantly collect foam and gel left over bits for my secret stash in my car.

Wheelchair seating is truly a passion of mine. What makes this area of practice so special in my eyes is the ability to help a client in all aspects of their life. Being able to help address issues such as pain, skin integrity, accessibility, function in self care, productivity and leisure in all contexts is what motivates me to constantly learn and develop my skills.

Cheryl’s Seating Notes was developed as an accessible educational tool for therapists looking for more information on seating and mobility assessment, equipment and prescription.  My hope is to keep therapists up to date with new knowledge, products, equipment and skills in a fun, easy to watch and read fashion. I will be posting regularly so please check in and ENJOY! Seating is Super!

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